Welcome to JK SOLAR

JK Technology is one of the prominent manufacturers,suppliers and exporters of a comprehensive range of Solar Energy System in the brand name of JK Solar & Power Conditioning Equipments.
in the brand name of JK Green.

Solar Power Plant On Grid System - FEATURES

  • Lowers Monthly Energy Costs
  • Abundantly Clean Energy Source
  • Increases Property Value
  • Proven History Of Reliable Performance
  • Expected System Lifetime Of 25+ Years
  • Panels Warrantied To 20 Years
  • Ul Listed Components For Safe Grid Connection
  • Quiet, Low Maintenance Operation
  • Environmental Savings, Reduces Co2 Emmissions
  • Most Efficient Solar Electric System Type
  • Lowest Cost Per Watt Installed
  • Capacity 5KW - 5MW

Solar Power Plant Off Grid System - FEATURES

  • To serve with Un-interrupted power though Green
  • Solutions to meet out the enormous power cut
  • Clean & Green power @ affordable cost
  • Offering Sustained & Reliable Power Solutions
  • Protecting Environment by eliminating Co2
  • Power availability during non-solar hours
  • Electrifying School, health centres in remote areas
  • Rural Village Electrification
  • Emergency lighting & communications System
  • Electrification of small shops and homes
  • Electrification of rural banking branches & ATMs
  • Capacity 500W - 50KW

Solar Hybrid Inverter - FEATURES

  • Pure Sine Wave Inverter.
  • In Built Intelligent Solar Charge Controller.
  • Mains-Solar intelligent current sharing & Control.
  • Auto change over technique (change over from Mains to Solar).
  • Greater efficiency 85% nominal.
  • Saving of electricity bills.
  • Capacity 500VA - 5000VA

Solar Hybrid Inverter - FEATURES

  • JK SOLAR W.H. Double walled Borosilicate Evacuated Tube Collector, which absorbs maximum SUN energy.(approx. 93% )
  • Made of pure Stainless Steel SS 304 & 316 L Grade & Tank insulated by high pressure PUF insulation holds Temperature upto 72 Hrs.
  • Cost effective and convenient for residence, bungalows, restaurants, hotels, hostel and hospitals etc.
  • Reliable, maintenance free and provides long term life durability.
  • Works on dual mode and also has an installed electric heater. Hence it can also run on rainy days.
  • Environmental friendly and can prevent emission upto 1.5 tones of Co2 per year.
  • Suitable for Hard water containing chloride hardness less than 300 ppm.
  • UV stabilized Pure Polyester pre-coated G.I. & SS outer cover.
  • Available in Capacities 100 LPD- 300 LDP (Liter Per day) in standard & 500 LPD - 5000LPD with Manifold.