Solar Power Plant
[ On Grid System ]

JK Solar On Grid / Micro Grid / Grid-connected systems are the systems that are connected to the utility grid through a special inverter. Read More

Solar Power Plant
[ Off Grid System ]

JK Solar Off-grid photovoltaic (PV) systems are purely run from solar power and independent of the power grid.These systems require batteries Read More

Solar Hybrid Inverter

JK Solar Hybrid Sine wave Inverter which can charge from solar panels and it will charge from mains whenever solar power is less than the required charging current. Read More

Solar Water Heater

JK Solar water heaters with the use of solar collectors to heat water stored in the hot water tank by gravity flow, water from the cold-water tank Read More

Solar Pumping

JK Solar offers affordable and Solar energy Solutions to meet irrigation and Water pumping needs. In India, where agriculture is the base of the economy, Read More

JK Green Products

Online UPS 1KVA - 100KVA
DSP Sinewave UPS 500VA - 5000VA
Lift Inverter / Industrial Inverter 5KVA - 500KVA
Read More